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Home Remedies for Chickenpox Treatment

Chicken pox is the common name given to the varicella virus. It causes blisters on your body and constant unpleasant itchiness. Treating the symptoms immediately is important as if left untreated the blisters will turn into scars. There is a chickenpox treatment that people have been using for years and it is highly successful in reducing the itchiness.

For this treatment you will need a bathtub . The reason this treatment works so well is that your body is completely immersed in the bath. To help your body recover from the chickenpox and reduce the itching some natural remedies can be added to the water:

• Oatmeal bath: Mix some oatmeal with water until almost all the lumps have disappeared and add it to the bath of warm water. Immerse yourself in the bathtub for about 15 minutes. The oatmeal has the effect of reducing the itchiness and drying the skin.

• Baking Soda: This chickenpox treatment is the same as the oatmeal bath. Just add some baking soda to the water and relax in the bathtub for 15 minutes.

• Neem Leaves Treatment: Neem leaves can be purchased at all good health food stores. They can be put into the water whole or can be ground before adding. It has been proven that neem leaves have a property that helps to get rid of the itchiness and rash .

If you or your child is suffering from chickenpox then you must try one of these treatments. You have got nothing to lose and it may very well remove the itchiness. There are any numbers of tips that are said to be effective in chickenpox treatment and through feedback from people who have tried them some are really successful. There are some other factors that can help your body fight off the virus. A good diet and drinking plenty of fluids will improve your immune system and help to remove the blisters.

Understanding Head Cold Symptoms and Treatments

We need to start by knowing head cold symptoms. A head cold is a common cold that is more active in the facial region. The common cold is caused by a viral infection and affects the nose and throat. Considering that there are over 200 viruses that can cause a head and chest cold, the symptoms will vary greatly from one person to the next. The common cold is normally harmless, causing sore throat, coughing, running nose, sneezing and congestion . There is no known cure for the common cold but it will normally go away after two weeks.

Head Cold Symptoms

There are many symptoms of the common cold and you may not experience all of them.

• Running nose and congestion of the nasal passages

• Itchy and/or sore throat

• High temperature of around 102o F (39oC)

• Headache and body aches

The discharge from the nose is usually watery at the start of a cold but will become thick and yellow or green as it runs its course.

The common cold affects children more than adults even though the symptoms are exactly the same. In children it can lead to other infections such as ear infection. If your child has a fever for more than three days you need to consult your doctor immediately. Other symptoms that require medical advice include: sweating, headaches, vomiting , persistent coughing, and sleepiness.

Head Cold Treatment

The common cold has no cure but it is normally over within one week without the taking of medication. A pain killer such as Tylenol can be taken to ease the headache and muscle pain. There are many nasal sprays available over the counter that will relieve blocked nasal passages but they should not be given to children. Cough syrup can be taken to soothe the throat.

Drinking plenty of fluids will help ease the cold but alcohol should be avoided. Sleeping in a sitting position will make breathing easier. We have shown some head cold symptoms and discussed some methods of easing the cold.

How to Fight Against Cold?

Cold usually starts with sneezing which follows a runny nose, headache and body ache. There is actually no specific treatment for common cold; however, you can fight against it by several ways. When body is trying to kill the virus, all you can do is to reduce the symptoms of the cold which occur at that moment.

First of all you need to know how you can catch common cold. It is airborne like flu and can be caught by air droplets containing the virus. So it is very important that when you have common cold, you should avoid sneezing open in the air and should use a handkerchief to sneeze in. Furthermore, you need to wash your hands before eating as it can also be transferred by direct contact with the contaminated surrounding.

Hence, how to fight against cold? You can do a number of things in order to fight against the cold. You need to get adequate amount of sleep as soon as you discover that you have got cold. Sleep helps to enhance your immune system and so it works at its best to fight against the cold. It is recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours.

Apart from this, you need to eat a healthy diet so that your immune system can fight against the cold properly. You also need to increase the fluid intake so that your body remains hydrated for the defense mechanism to work at its peak. Fruit juices containing vitamin C are most effective to fight against the cold and should be consumed a lot.

You can even take medicines to reduce the symptoms of the disease as taking antibiotics for cold is useless. This is because cold is caused by the virus and antibiotics can only fight against the bacteria not viruses.

Your immune system can be made to work at its maximum if you avoid stress and anxiety. You should instead relax and sleep. These tips can really help you fight against cold and keep you healthy!

The use of Fever Blister Treatments and Results

Fever blisters is just another name for cold sores and they are generally seen on the lips and surrounding areas of the mouth. The fever blister is the result of the herpes virus and it generally starts as a red itch . Within a few days it will form a scab. There is no cure for fever blisters but we will look at some fever blister treatments which can be performed at home.

Before the fever blisters become visible you will experience symptoms that include; itching, tingling , burning, and fever. There are some foods that should be avoided to minimize the chances of fever blisters; chocolate, peas , peanuts, and whole wheat products.

Here are several home fever blister treatments which will decrease the problem.

• When you notice any symptoms of a fever blister you should immediately rub the area with aloe plant juice. The properties in the aloe plant immediately start to heal the fever blisters and prevent it from continuing to grow.

• Corn starch paste applied on the affected area will greatly reduce the fever blisters problem.

• Applying an ice cube to the fever blister will prevent any further growth. It should be applied every hour for a period of around ten minutes.

• Lemon balm extract is another home remedy that will reduce the problem of fever blisters. It is also used to heal the blisters.

• Vaseline is a good way to reduce the fever blister problem. It moisturizes the blisters and this prevents any cracking or bleeding.

If you find that the home fever blister treatments are not working to your satisfaction, there are remedies that can be bought at your local pharmacy . If you are experiencing your first fever blister you need to take an oral treatment. If it is your second or more fever blisters then you should consider using one of the treatments described below:

• Peniclovir cream is a fever blister treatment that has been approved by the FDA. For it to be effective it needs to be applied every two hours for a period of four days. The sooner you begin the treatment after a fever blister outbreak; it should reduce the healing time by two days.

• Zovirax has been shown through studies to reduce healing time by around a half a day.

• Famivir is a fever blister treatment that if applied when the symptoms first appear, will cut infection time by two days.

• Valacyclovir is another FDA approved fever blister treatment. It should be taken twice a day and can reduce infection b one day.

The Best Cold Sore Cures Method Used at Home

There is a great variety of cold sore cures methods available today. The vast majority can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy. Despite years of research there is still no cure for the cold sore, but they have found some ways to prevent the cold sore from reaching full manifestation .
There is no way to prevent cold sores but there are ways to reduce the number and the duration of them. We will discuss some of the cold sore cures available in this article.

Treating cold sores

The best way to get a cold sore to disappear quickly is by making it dry. Camphor is a good way to dry the cold sore quicker than other cures. If you are experiencing pain from the sore, an ice cube held against it for around five minutes every hour should bring some relief. Another method known to reduce the healing time is zinc .

When you start to feel that sensation on your lip that is associated with cold sores, there are some things you should do and some you should not do:

• Never scratch a cold sore. Scratching will only cause the cold sore to spread to other parts of your mouth.

• Keeping it clean and dry will speed up the time it takes to heal. Make sure that no one else uses your face cloth as they are likely to get the infection.

• Vaseline applied to your cold sore will prevent it from spreading. 

• Anytime you touch the cold sore is sure to wash your hands. It is possible to spread the infection to other parts of your body such as your eyes and nose. Scarring of the cornea can be caused by the infection and this may lead to blindness.

Here are some cold sore cures that are found in the home:

• Benzyl Alcohol can be applied to the cold sore twice a day using a Q-tip. It is quite common for this treatment to prevent the cold sore from developing if you start this early enough.

• Lysine tablets are a good way to help cure a cold sore. It will shorten the time of infection and if taken on a regular basis will prevent cold sores. It is recommended to take 500mg of Lysine every day as a measure of preventing cold sores.

• Nail polish remover will keep your cold sore dry after it has been drained. Apply the nail polish remover with a Q-tip.

These are just some of the cold sore cures to be found at home. Check online for many more tips on getting rid of or preventing cold sores.

Videos about Methods of Cold Sore Treatment

Here are some videos about cold sore treatment and fever blister treatment:

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How to Heal Cold Sore Scabs Quicker

Cold sores are unsightly and there are people who suffer from them time and time again. Just when you think the cold sore is going away there forms a scab. Normally this would mean the end of your suffering and pain but not so with the cold sore scabs. The scab will crack and cause you pain every time you move your facial muscles. We will look at how best to deal with cold sore scabs and if we can reduce the pain.

The scab forming is actually a good sign as it means there is new skin growing under it. Unfortunately it will start to itch badly. Do not be tempted to scratch it or try to remove the scab as that will cause more damage to your lip. If you pick at the scab it is very likely that it will start to bleed and it will take much longer to heal. There is also the possibility of scarring if you remove the scab prematurely. The best way to treat the scab is to apply antibiotic ointment to the affected area three times daily until it has completely healed. When the cold sore has reached the scab stage it is not contagious but you should still refrain from kissing to be 100% sure you are not infecting your partner.

There are things that can de done to speed up the healing of the cold sore scabs.

• Sunscreen: Cold sores are known to be caused by unprotected exposure to the sun. Applying sunscreen in the areas around the scab will prevent any new scabs forming near the old ones.

• Do not eat acidic or salty foods. These will irritate cold sore scabs and the healing time will be much longer.

• Apply Vaseline to the scab. It will prevent it from becoming dry and will allow it to heal quicker.

• Pain killers such as aspirin will help as it numbs the area affected. You will not have the same feeling of wanting to scratch it and this will allow a quicker recovery.

• Visit your doctor to be 100% sure you have cold sores and nothing more serious.

If you are having cold sore outbreaks on a regular basis you should visit your doctor to find a solution treatment that may prevent the outbreaks.

Learning about Cold Sore Causes

A cold sore is an infection that affects the majority of the population. It cannot be cured but it can to a certain extent be controlled. We will look at cold sore causes in this article. Cold sores are caused by a virus named Herpes Simplex 1 ( HSV1). This virus is related to the herpes virus that causes the sexual disease.

It has been estimated that around 80% of the population in North America are affected with HSV1, most of them completely ignorant of the fact. The virus is permanently in the body but lies dormant most of the time. When the immune system of an infected person becomes weakened the virus is quick to multiply. It normally appears on the lips. There are many reasons that will cause a cold sore outbreak:

• Stress is a well known cause of cold sores

Fatigue : when you are tired your immune system is at a low and the cold sore virus will attack

• Sunlight is known to bring about a cold sore outbreak. To prevent this you should protect your lips with sunscreen.

• Menstrual periods can cause cold sores as a woman’s system is at its weakest during this time of the month.

This virus is very contagious. You can become infected just by touching the hand of a person who has touched their cold sore. The blisters discharge a fluid and this must be avoided. When the discharge has stopped and a scab has formed the cold sore is not contagious.

Most people become contaminated with HSV1 between the age of three and five and it is generally caught by touching contaminated items. Despite being contaminated with the virus at a young age, they will normally not have their first cold sore until they have reached puberty . Being infected with HSV1 is for life. Years of research have yet to produce a permanent cure. When a person has contracted the Herpes virus there are a number of cold sore causes that may cause an outbreak.

The article has given just a small selection of cold sore causes. There are many more that have not been mentioned here. The final thought is that if you have the virus in your body at some point you are likely to develop a cold sore.

Quick Recovery Treatment for Flu at Home

Influenza or Flu as it is more commonly known is a debilitating illness. Every year during the winter season your chances of catching it are high. Many people ignore the threat of catching the flu bug until they become infected. If you do come down with the bug you should know what treatment for flu to use. If you do catch flu tries some of these tips to help with a quicker recovery:

• Drinking plenty of fluids such as soup, water, and juice will keep you hydrated . Stay away from coffee and tea as the caffeine in them is not good for hydration.

• Plenty of rest and sleep is necessary when you have flu. The illness leaves you feeling tired and without energy and total bed rest is the best way to help in your recovery.

• Taking ibuprofen will relieve your aches and pains. You can also take cold or cough medicines that are available over the counter at your local pharmacy. Aspirin should never be taken unless your doctor gives his approval. Teenagers taking aspirin as a treatment for flu run the risk of developing Reye syndrome . This illness can develop after having a bout of flu.

• Wearing plenty of clothing will enable you to put on or remove clothing as you need it. With the flu bug you can be hot one minute and cold the next so wearing several layers of clothing allows you to easily add or remove to suit your feeling.

• Personal hygiene is a very important part of preventing the flu bug spreading. Wash your hands regularly and do not share any eating or drinking utensils with other family members.
For most people, suffering from the flu bug does not require a visit to the doctor. However, if your temperature does not return to normal within a few days or you have breathing problems then you should call your doctor immediately.

The best treatment for flu is to have the vaccination every year. This is especially important to people suffering from breathing illnesses such as asthma . Old age pensioners are also advised to get the injection, and in most western countries it is free for people in these two categories. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Minimize the Duration of Flu and its Effects

Many people want to know what the duration of flu symptoms is and you are likely to be surprised by the answer. Every individual is different so there is no definitive answer to the duration of flu symptoms.

The duration of flu will vary for the simple reason that the immune symptoms of people are different. The strength of the immune system can help a person recover quickly from the illness. In the main if you contract a seasonal flu , this will only last for a few days but they can last for as long as 14 days. Knowing the symptoms of flu will help you to take action at the start of the illness to minimize the effects. These are some of the symptoms: sore throat, headaches, fever, runny nose, tiredness, vomiting, and diarrhea. The vomiting is normally only found in children.

It is essential to visit your doctor when you exhibit signs of flu to have an influenza test performed. As well as determining if you have flu it can also distinguish between type A and type B. This will help the doctor to prescribe the best treatment for your flu and this treatment will probably shorten the duration of flu symptoms.

There are some groups which will experience a longer duration of flu symptoms if they develop some complications. Pregnant women, people over 65 years and young children have a higher risk of complications due to the flu. Also people with such illnesses as asthma are at a high risk.
Contracting flu normally means that you have a suppressed immune system. This is not uncommon today as more and more people ignore a healthy lifestyle and eat processed food in place of fresh fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet is very important to keeping your immune system healthy.

The workplace is another area where stress can cause the immune system to become run down. Being stressed is likely to cause health problems and contracting flu may be the first sign of these problems. Here are some tips to avoid flu:

• Make sure that you have eight hours sleep every night.

• Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh vegetables.

• Do not use drugs or vaccines unless prescribed by your doctor. They can affect the immune system

• At home take some time to relax

• If you are over 65 years or suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or asthma, contact your medical center for information regarding the influenza injection. Most western countries have a program for free vaccination for these groups.