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How to Heal Cold Sore Scabs Quicker

Cold sores are unsightly and there are people who suffer from them time and time again. Just when you think the cold sore is going away there forms a scab. Normally this would mean the end of your suffering and pain but not so with the cold sore scabs. The scab will crack and cause you pain every time you move your facial muscles. We will look at how best to deal with cold sore scabs and if we can reduce the pain.

The scab forming is actually a good sign as it means there is new skin growing under it. Unfortunately it will start to itch badly. Do not be tempted to scratch it or try to remove the scab as that will cause more damage to your lip. If you pick at the scab it is very likely that it will start to bleed and it will take much longer to heal. There is also the possibility of scarring if you remove the scab prematurely. The best way to treat the scab is to apply antibiotic ointment to the affected area three times daily until it has completely healed. When the cold sore has reached the scab stage it is not contagious but you should still refrain from kissing to be 100% sure you are not infecting your partner.

There are things that can de done to speed up the healing of the cold sore scabs.

• Sunscreen: Cold sores are known to be caused by unprotected exposure to the sun. Applying sunscreen in the areas around the scab will prevent any new scabs forming near the old ones.

• Do not eat acidic or salty foods. These will irritate cold sore scabs and the healing time will be much longer.

• Apply Vaseline to the scab. It will prevent it from becoming dry and will allow it to heal quicker.

• Pain killers such as aspirin will help as it numbs the area affected. You will not have the same feeling of wanting to scratch it and this will allow a quicker recovery.

• Visit your doctor to be 100% sure you have cold sores and nothing more serious.

If you are having cold sore outbreaks on a regular basis you should visit your doctor to find a solution treatment that may prevent the outbreaks.